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The Smeeton Family (circa 1914)

Article by Tony Alps, who is hoping that someone may be able to help him with his research of ‘The Smeeton Family’, in particular, his maternal grandparents.

Standing, from left to right: Edward, Lillie, Ruth

Seated, Katherine (Mum) on Lizzie’s knee, Edward Algernon in uniform

Last year I visited my brother, John, in Tasmania. He has recently moved to a smaller property following the death of his wife three years ago.

During the usual clean out associated with moving, John came across two medals. He asked me if I knew anything about them. I could only vaguely recall my mother once telling me that she had Inherited them on the death of her father in 1945. She thought they were awarded to her grandfather (my great grandfather, or great uncle) by his Lodge.


She only remembers being told that he was a great singer who had sung for Royalty and others in the aristocracy. As a result of the prestige that this brought to his Lodge, he was given the title “Sir”; Sir John Smeeton.

I have them now and undertaken to find out more about John Smeeton and the Smeeton family. It was only when I seriously started looking for details that I realised that I knew practically nothing about my grandparents, Edward Algernon and Lizzie (Haywood) Smeeton, let alone my great grandparents.

Edward and Lizzie had four children; Lillie (the eldest) Edward, Ruth and Katherine (my mother).  There are only five living descendants of this family (grandchildren not included). Jill Smeeton (Edward’s daughter) Alan Sutton and Margaret-Myles Hook (Ruth’s children) and Tony and John Alps (Katherine). I do not know if either Edward or Lizzie had any siblings. If there had been any they would have been our great uncles and aunts. Any descendants would be directly related to us and could possibly fill in a few gaps in the family tree.

Anyway, I have posted a few pictures that may jog some memories. Please reply using my email address:

Tony Alps


Is there still a Great Eastern Buffalo Lodge in Southend-on-Sea or nearby districts? If there is, or is not, do any records still survive?  Does anyone know of any Lodge members? Any leads would be appreciated.

Medal Sir John Smeeton [1] Medal Sir John Smeeton [2] Medal Sir John Smeeton [3] Medal Sir John Smeeton [4] Medal Sir John Smeeton [5]