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Barling & Wakering Villages Plus
Firemen’s Children’s Party - Christmas 1945

Article by Carol Osborne (nee Wiseman)

During the war my Dad and Mum (Arthur and Eva Wiseman) frequently arranged dances in Great Wakering village hall, I presume on a Saturday night. Frankie Howard would often turn up and entertain the dancers with his latest jokes etc., especially as this was very close to Shoebury where he was stationed during the war and he became a frequent visitor.

Going back to the dances, tea was served during the interval, the milk being supplied by Mr Bentall the farmer. I was also told by my Dad that one Christmas Mr Bentall turned up with a crate of oranges (no questions asked) but he was very specific that they were for the children only!!

Dad also told me that he treated the floor of the hall with some candle wax to make it easier for dancing.

Has anyone else any information about the dances. Who played the music etc.?

The above photo was taken at a Firemen’s' children’s party. I think this could have been the Christmas after the war ended in 1945. I am standing on a chair at the end of the table. Can anyone else recognise themselves?