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Barling & Wakering Villages Plus
About Us

This website was created for the benefit of ex-pupils, teachers and friends of the Old Barling Magna Primary School which was built in 1878 as an educational establishment and remained so until the early 1970s. Since then the buildings have been host to a number of different groups and organisations.

In 1996, 1998, and 2000 ex-pupils of the school started to organise reunions on an ad-hoc basis. After the 2000 reunion a small group of them got together and held small lunchtime gatherings in local hostelries. Indeed, an ex-pupil (Geoff Bell) who had lived in South Africa since 1967 made available part of his personal web site for information and images to be stored and accessed.

Many people were involved in the original work required to create a viable working group and their efforts are much appreciated. Most notable among those who dedicated a lot of time and effort include Vi Sivell (nee Mitchell); Pam Gregory; Betty Dobson (nee Deadman): and Den Winch. Our sincere thanks go also to all those not mentioned but who have generously contributed their valuable time and energy.

We operate an ad-hoc management system rather than a formal organisation which ensures that activities and events reflect the wishes of the majority of former pupils. This gives all ex-pupils and others who are interested in the group the opportunity to voice their opinions. Furthermore, the ad-hoc system helps to ensure that no one individual or small group will dominate the course of any activities.

The group decided early on to create a regular Newsletter called ‘Small Beginnings’ and our sincere thanks go to Lynne Askham, who acted as editor and publisher of the Newsletter over many years.