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Barling & Wakering Villages Plus
Great Wakering New Town Photograph (c.1945-50)

Photograph supplied by Lesley Marshall and lent to her by her neighbour Yvonne Ruler.

Names supplied by Beryl (Martin) Haggar, who is number 1 on the photograph.

Not everybody has been identified so far, so please let us know if you recognise any of the others.

[1] Beryl Martin [2] Rosa Walker [3] Linda Hart [5] Betty Carlick [6] Anita Barnes [9] Beni Thorpe

[11] Terry Marshall [12] Clifford Jones [21] Ann Ebbs [24] Ann Everett [27] Mrs Mortimer [32] Doreen Stow

[35] Sunny Thorpe [36] Don Gooch [41] Beryl Marshall [42] Barbara Davey [43] Mrs Stow [46] Mrs Sidons

[51] Margaret Sidons [53] Eileen Goose [57] Peter Arnold [66] Gillian Walton [67] Pam Walton