The Reunion 2008

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Note from Peter:

Well, that was some reunion on Saturday. In the event, about 65 people turned up, enough to create a very warm and lively atmosphere, without being crushed. I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did. Thanks to the volunteers on the door, I was able to wander round and take a few photos of the event, so I hope that they’ll be on the website soon alongside photos by others..


Among the regulars (with apologies to anyone I’ve missed) were: Graham and Val (Mott) Ridley, Tony and Janet Groves, David and Dawn (Mumford) Bailey, Barbara (Smith) Elliott, Bernard and Olive (Bradbury) Cooper, Lynne (Marshall) Askham, David and Doris (Chapman) Bracci,  Blaise and Sheelagh (Chapman) Aranha, Laurie Street, Roy and Daphne Richards, Dave Little, Barry and Maureen (Abrey) Petts, Esmee (Garrad) Atkinson, Pearl (Mumford) Perryman, David Clarke, Stan and Pearl (Reynolds) Everard, Mick Prior, Jeanne (Prior) Richardson, Doreen Richards, Geoff and Penny Wright, Bill and John Pavelin, Daphne (Keen) Dare, Cynthia (Keen ) Cummins, Don Kemp, Ralph and Jean (Wright) Hayden, Gordon Chittock, Jack and Mavis Chapman, David Freeman, George and Barbara (Petley) Moss, Pat and Peter Griffiths, Beryl Claydon, Janet (Collicutt) Claydon. It was particularly good to see some of our senior schoolmates - David Clarke, Esmee (Garrad) Atkinson and Don Kemp - and some people who hadn’t been to previous reunions or hadn’t been for a while, such as the Gilkes sisters (Dawn, Maureen and Joy), the Kiss siblings (Steve, Denise and Janice), Ken Waller, Pauline (Tilbrook) King, Alan Mumford, Bob Petley, Tony Deeks, Sue Cozens, Christine and Jan Mumfprd and Andy Harris. We received a number of messages from former schoolmates who regretted that they were unable to come: Pam (Gregory) Mulcaire, Cynthia (Witton) Edwards, Margaret (Sutton) Myles-Hook, Victor Tharp, Betty (Deadman) Dobson) Dawn Belton, Arthur Chittock, Carl Blanc (on behalf of his siblings and mother) and Sadie (Morgan) Jones. Also, Trevor Turner wrote to say that, sadly, his dad, Jim Turner, who had been living at Great Holland for a long time, has died.


All thanks to the organising group for their hard work before and during the reunion. They included:

Refreshments: Val, Graham, Janet, Tony, Maureen

Music: Barbara, (and compiler Stan Pearson)

Door: Bernard, Olive, Lynne

Raffle: David and Doris

Newsletter: Lynne and Bob

Publicity and displays: Dawn and David, Pearl and Tom, Tony, Barbara, Bob

(Fiendish) Local Quiz: David and Dawn (We hope to get that quiz into a future edition of the Newsletter.)

plus numerous other helpers.

And, of course, we were again indebted to Richard and Dawn Harvey for their generosity in allowing us to use Cotton Socks Nursery, ie our Old School, for the reunion.


As this is the last reunion that I shall be coordinating, even though I’ll be helping in future, I want to wish my successor as much pleasure as I’ve had during the past three.


Best wishes to all,



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