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Station 23 Great Wakering - Essex County Fire Brigade

Original Article by Ken Moore (ex - fireman and Local Fire Service Historian). Edited by Richard Kirton with help and pictures from

Roy Richards, the youngest member of the final Great Wakering crew.

The crew and appliance when the station first opened as a Sub Station of Rochford Rural District Fire Brigade

Back Row (from the left)

 Rob Pool, George Walker and Alf Butler

Middle Row (sitting from the left)

 George Bradley, Cyril Bright, Harold Key and Bob Cooper.

This article highlights a step back in time when there was a Fire Station in Great Wakering.

In 1938 an Act of Parliament moved the responsibility for Firefighting from the Parish Council to the District Council. Rochford Rural District Council wrote to Great Wakering Parish Council to enquire as to the details of their Firefighting equipment and personnel leading us to believe some Firefighting existed in the village before that date, other than the basic fire buckets. Great Wakering did not reply so Rochford Rural District Council assumed no equipment belonging to their fire brigade remained.

The plan for Rochford Rural District Council was to build three new stations one in Rochford which had to have accommodation for two full time firemen and two sub stations, one in Hockley and one in Great Wakering.

Great Wakering Fire Station during the National Fire Service Days

Names of the fireman supplied by Roy Richards are as follows from left to right

Back Row

George Stow, Bob Sterry, Ernie Harrington, Fred Thorp, unknown fireman, Richard Burgess

Middle Row

Fireman Trust, Arthur Wiseman, unknown fireman, unknown fireman, George Bradley, Tom Ebbs, Albert Watson, Bob Cooper, George Walker, John Whale

Front Row

Lice Elden, Fireman Spooner, Fireman Hayward, Rob Pool unknown Officer, unknown Officer, Stan Millbank, George Moss, Fireman Butler

It is possible where Rob Pool is sitting, he would be Section Leader Rob Pool, and Fireman Hayward and Stan Millbank were Leading Firemen.

Great Wakering Firemen attending the children’s Christmas Party [1955]

Back Row

Roy Richards, Fireman James ?, John Knight, Les Poole, Jim Smith, Leading Fireman Eric Smith

Front Row

Fireman George Moss, Alf Thorogood, Leading Fireman Nutty Caine, Sub Officer Rob Poole, Divisional Officer Jones.

Insert Top Left

Leading Fireman George Bradley

Insert Top Right

Fireman George Walker

Regrettably, Great Wakering Fire Station closed for good on May 31st, 1957 and Leading Fireman, Nutty Caine was Station Commander during its last few months.

Great Wakering Fire Station

11th November 2008

[Richard Kirton - Canon G9 Camera]