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Barling & Wakering Villages Plus

You could call this site the overspill to the original site which was designed by Geoff Bell in the year 2000 using older technologies which are now deprecated. The group expresses their thanks to Terry Mumford for his hard work in maintaining the site over the past eight years. It had reached a point with Terry whereby his work commitments made it increasingly more difficult for him to continue maintaining the site.

It was felt therefore that, with more and more photographs building up in the backlog, we should consider our options for maintaining our website facility. Richard Kirton suggested that the ideal solution would be to create a new site which would enable the inclusion of some of the later website technologies and he volunteered to redesign the site and maintain it for the foreseeable future.

It was agreed that the new site would supplement the ‘Original Website’. Also we have added more resources with the sharing of the existing ‘Wakering & District Heritage’ website. This has been renamed ‘Barling & Wakering Heritage’ and it is hoped that anybody with an interest in our area will be able to find and research all three sites and switch between them easily.

As before, there are no particular restrictions with regards to what should or should not be published on the site as long as all of the submissions are relevant to Barling and surrounding parishes.

You can send your pictures and stories either to Peter Griffiths or directly to Dawn Bailey. You will find full contact details in the Contact Us Page, or just click on either name above and your Mail Program will open.

Latest Website Additions

Sunday 14th January 2018

Added Article by John Pavelin ‘The Church Magazine, June 1926’.

Added Article by Richard Kirton ‘John Pavelin’s Aerial Photographs’.

Saturday 13th January 2018

Added Addendum to the article  ‘Old Ted’s Model of St Mary’s Church’. Submitted by Ted’s Granddaughter, Lynn Butler [née Watson].

Tuesday 24th October 2017

Added Article by Richard Kirton ‘Old Ted’s Model of St Mary’s Church’. Photo provided by Roy Deeks.

Monday 23rd October 2017

Added Article by Richard Kirton ‘Old Ted’s Holy Well’ based on Newspaper Cutting provided by Lesley Marshall.

Replaced Photograph of the Threshing Team in ‘Peter Huxter Collection - Little Wakering’. Photo provided by Lesley Marshall.

Tuesday 17th October 2017

Added ‘Small Beginnings’ Newsletter - Edition 38 - Autumn 2017’.

Added Article By Roger E Nixon ‘Bombs dropped on Barling during World War One’.

Added Article By Ken Moore ‘Station 23 Great Wakering - Essex County Fire Brigade’.

All Website Additions

This is the earliest photograph of a Barling School Class, taken in October 1899. The School was built in 1878 at a time when hundreds of new schools were being built to provide free education for everyone up to 12 years old.  Children were now educated better than ever before.Welcome to Barling & Wakering Villages Plus Website

Our Next

Lunchtime Get-together

12.15 p.m. Saturday 13th January 2018

Castle Inn, Little Wakering

Anyone with an interest in our school or area will receive a warm welcome.


Our last Reunion on 1st October 2016 at the old Great Wakering Primary School was a terrific success with just under 40 people coming along. As we also had over 20 apologies, all this could be seen as a reason for considering another reunion in a couple of years’ time.

‘Small Beginnings’ Newsletter

 The latest Edition 38 - Autumn 2017 has been published and can be seen here.

Farming through the Years