Welcome to our 'World War II Nostalgia’ page' where we reveal some memoirs, tales and diaries from those who bravely fought for Britain in World War II. Our contributors extend to Southend-on-Sea since many of their inhabitants have established strong ties with Wakering and Barling over the years. The first Diary comes from Alf B. Langston (pictured above), aged 94 years, who originates from York Road in Southend-on-Sea and is an uncle of Ivy Knight, one of the Barling Magna Parish Councillors.

Dick Gregory assists the Dunkirk Evacuation by Richard Kirton and Yvonne Flower

WWII DIARY by Alf B. Langston (his recollections of the war with photographs)

The Day The Luftwaffe Dropped In For Tea by Gordon Wiseman

The Wakering Gun by Maurice F Christophers

The War Years by Laurie Street

World War II Air Raid Damage

WWII Nostalgia Barling & Wakering Heritage

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