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 Rochford Sub-Division

Article by Richard Kirton January 2012

1939 to 1945 – Police Coverage during World War II

The Police in Great Wakering during World War II comprised of Inspector C W Sangster, Police Sergeant W C Simpson and Police Constable P E Hutton. They were supported by the Special Constabulary which comprised of Special Inspector G W Seal, Special Sergeant J B D Greatorex and the following Special Constables:

W G Alp; H W Bennewith; A Cooper; W Dick; F R Figg; R F Jennings; S J Ling; W J Outten; A C Smith; J R Smith; T J Smith; R V Tomson.

In order to identify the people in the above photograph, please follow this link:

David and Dawn Bailey have an excellent website dedicated to the former pupils of the old Barling School which is aimed at all ex-pupils, staff and friends of the school.

The site forms a focal point for many old photographs and nostalgia for the area and is the place to go to identify people from the past.

They also produce a quarterly newsletter called “ Small Beginnings” and the editor, Lynne Askham would appreciate any relevant contribution that you may have to the publication.

Southend-on-Sea & Essex Police Amalgamated on 1st April 1969

Rochford Sub-division as it was in 1965

The Wilson Trophy 1971

Police Constable Ken Light and Police Constable Murdo MacInnes were joint winners of the Wilson Trophy.

They rescued two youths from Walton mudflats in 1970.

Mrs. Mima MacInnes looks proud and daughter, Joanne, holds the cup and feels very important.

2011 - Fight to save Rochford Police Station

Extract from the ‘Evening Echo’ Thursday 14th July 2011

CAMPAIGNERS have launched a petition to try to save Rochford’s police station from closure.

Rob Brown, who stood as a Labour candidate for the town in May’s council elections, is searching for signatures to ward off Essex Police’s cost-cutting measures.

The move came after Essex Police announced they could close some under-manned stations to cut costs as they strive to save £46million over the next four years.

Mr Brown’s sentiments have been backed by Chris Black, the leader of Rochford District Council’s Liberal Democrat group, but a Tory councillor for Rochford warned against scaremongering.

Mr Brown said: “By removing a permanent base for policing, we will lose it forever. “Officers seconded from Rayleigh would be based in the library, fire station or other public amenity. This may mean we have different officers every day with no service dedicated to Rochford. Worse, it could mean Rochford has no service at all.”

In March, part-time stations in Brightlingsea, West Mersea and Wivenhoe in the north of the county were shut and replaced with small bases in the towns’ fire stations.

Last week, campaigners in Southend launched their own fight to save the base in Temple Sutton School, Eastern Avenue.

Rochford police station, in South Street, is home to two PCs and two PCSOs, but is only open between 9am and 5pm on weekdays.

Mr Black said: “I fully support this petition. I think Rochford is big enough to sustain, and continue to sustain, its own police station.

“Even if it becomes part-time, it is very important to have officers allocated to and based in the town.”

Ms Gillian Lucas-Gill, a Tory councillor for Rochford, said she would fight “tooth and nail” to prevent the station closing, but warned against needless scaremongering.

She said: “I do not think there is any danger the station will close, and I don’t think we should be scaring people into thinking that.”

A police spokesman said: “Essex Police is currently undertaking a full internal review of all police stations and other buildings, looking to identify cost savings and more efficient ways of working in light of budget cuts.”


Police Inspector Tom Rush formerly Fred West

Police Sergeant Jock Simpson

Police Sergeant Cyril Mead

Police Constable Bob Brett – Station Officer

General Secretary - Mrs Evans

Police Constable John Knock

Police Constable George English

Police Constable John Michael Young - died 1996 [64]. John’s last post was Traffic Division Police Sergeant

Police Constable Tony Boreham

Police Constable Bob Hyde

Police Constable Colin Stockwell (Collar No 711)

Police Constable Ken Light

Police Constable Peter Hagan

Police Constable Richard Jolly

Police Constable Dave Seago

Police Constable Derek Jordan (Collar No 1588)

Police Constable Les Bramhill

Police Constable Peter Murray (Collar No 1126)

Police Cadet Richard Kirton

Police Cadet Dudley Ball

Detective Sergeant Joe Gazzard

Detectice Constable Wyatt

C.I.D. Secretary - Mrs Colbear


Police Constable John Blakie

   Police Constable Alan Pickering (Collar No 1796)    served 1982/3 to 1985, while John was still serving.

   Police Constable Gary Jackson was one of John's    next 2 replacement Officers.

Police Constable John Line


Police Sergeant Davis

Police Constable Gordon Thake

Police Constable AN Other


Police Constable Tony Blake (Collar No 2148) served 28 years at Stambridge having started at Romford in 1961 (Collar No 348).

He then moved to Plough Corner before moving to Stambridge in 1963 replacing Police Constable George Roseblade who had served there 14 years previously.

Tony was good friends with Ex-PC John Garrard who served at Hullbridge.


Police Constable Paul Wilgress seved 1969 to 1995

   Prior to Paul - Police Constable Maurice Grainger

   Prior to Maurice - Police Constable John Garrard

   Prior to John - Police Constable Derek Simmons

   Prior to Derek - Police Constable Bill Pearce

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