Joe Mowling’s Shop, Little Wakering

Joe Mowling’s shop was situated next door to the Castle Inn in Little Wakering. The property, number 179 Little Wakering Road, still stands today (2012) and is pictured left, courtesy of Google Earth.

Vi (Mitchell) Sivell has recorded her fond memories of the shop in the Newsletter of the former pupils of the Old Barling School  “Small Beginnings” - Autumn 2011 Edition 16. More editions of this Newsletter can be viewed by visiting David and Dawn Bailey’s excellent website. Here is the extract:

Memories of Joe Mowling’s Shop

“Mowling’s shop was opposite the Castle Inn in Little Wakering.  Joe’s wife and daughter ran the shop in the daytime and Joe took over in the evenings. He sold sweets in jars, soft drinks, tobacco, cigarettes and cigars.

When Joe ran the shop in the evenings, he started about 7.30 pm.  Local people like my dad, Harry Mitchell, used to go in the evenings, play cards and pick the teams for the football club.  They used to play football on the Wick Meadow against the Great Wakering team.

Sometimes George Ladbrook would visit when he was home on leave and he to go to Joe’s shop.  He was the chauffeur for the Duke of Windsor (Edward VIII) and would tell Joe stories of his life with the Duke. Mr Bentall from Wick Farm used to go to the shop and play cards or talk about the farm.  

In the summer they used to sell lovely ice cream made from custard powder.”

Lynne Askham, the editor of ‘Small Beginnings’ was given the following information at an earlier Reunion Lunch in 2011 by Joe’s great grandson, Martin Walker, who was in the pub. The following is a synopsis:

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