Ye Old Shoulderstick Memoirs

Memories of Tony Alps, 29 March 2014

From way over in Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia, Tony Alps says “Loved your Shoulderstick website pics it certainly took me back to my childhood, the first 10 years of which, were all spent within half a mile or so of Ye Olde Shoulderstick”. He goes on to say “Would also be pleased to catch up with you or any of your contacts that may be over this way. Am hoping to make the UK again next year and will try to make it coincide with one of the Barling reunions that Peter organises. I will also have a look through the old pics that Mum left to see if there is anything of interest for your site. My brother, John who lives in Tasmania, has most of our old family photos so I will give a ring and see what he can come up with”

Tony has included his email address for any readers who may wish to make contact with him.

Barling & Wakering Heritage

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