Wilf Alp - ‘Anvil Bashing

Brief article by Robin Nicholls

26th February 2013.

In the course of rooting around my archives (in order to answer a question from a cousin) I came across a photograph of Wilf Alp in his forge. Wilf was a nice chap and I loved watching him shoeing the horses – there was always a large crowd present.

Later, in April 1964, when Wilf had retired, he agreed to my taking this photograph even though he was rather unwell at the time but agreed to pose ‘anvil bashing’ in the interests of posterity.

I was keen to have a shot of him working in his forge. A shame there were no horses available to complete the picture.

The camera that I used was my Lubitel twin lens reflex which cost £12 from Boots.

Robin Nicholls, the contributor of this article and photograph, grew up in Great Wakering. In 1959, he worked as a Scientific Assistant with AWRE on Foulness Island.

Robin currently lives in Suffolk and if you are wondering about his experience and interest in Great Wakering please follow this link to read more.

Robin is soon to be working on an article titled ‘Bill Sutton’s Boatbuilding Story’ which should appeal to the many people in the village who have a passion for boats including Laurie Street and Gordon Wiseman.

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