Education in Great Wakering


"Population 670. A school supported by casual annual contributions which embraces six contiguous parishes, containing 125 children, of whom 31 boys and 28 girls belong to Great Wakering; the master and mistress together have £50 per annum. The poor are desirous of education, but are not regular in their attendance on divine service."

Source: Digest of Parochial Returns. Select Committee on Education of the Poor, 1818


A National School was built in the village


"Population 834. Four Daily Schools: one of which, a national School, contains 45 children of each sex and is partly supported by subscription, and partly by payment of 2d. per week from each child, or 1d. from a family sending more than one; in the other three collectively 31 males and 28 females are instructed at the expense of their parents. One Sunday School, in which 25 children of each sex are instructed gratuitously."

Source: House of Commons papers, Volume 41. Abstract of Education Returns 1833


"A district school for six parishes. Thinness of attendance owing to prevalence of fever. The instruction is elementary, and not much progress has been made. Such a school requires vigorous and efficient efforts to draw and keep the children."

Source: Minutes of the Committee of Council on education: with appendices, Volume 1, 1847


The National School was replaced by a Board school.

1988, August 31

The Foulness Island Church of England Primary School closed due to lack of numbers, there being only eleven pupils. The pupils were transferred to the Great Wakering and Fouoness Primary School.


William Hancock was appointed Headmaster of Great Wakering and Foulness Primary School in 1993. In 1996 the school had a register of 480 children from four and a half to eleven years, with a staff of seventeen full-time teachers and two part-time. The building was initially built as a secondary school, but the demand for primary school places meant that the older pupils had to go to Rochford.


The current Headteacher is Mrs Hayley O'Dea.

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