Welcome to our 'Nostalgia Page' where we reveal some memoirs from our parishioners - an insight to life in Wakering as far back as a hundred years ago. If any other of our parishioners have a tale or two to tell about life that far back, please email Richard Kirton and/or follow the link to the Francis Frith Website and include your memoirs there. A report on the Churchyard Excavation in 1998 is included in order to show that evidence was revealed to show Roman, Saxon, Medieval and Post Medieval occupation in Great Wakering. Our contributors do not go back that far but it is amazing how far society has developed in just one hundred years.

A Broken Leg At Barling School by Councillor Laurence Street

A Stroll with Ernie down his High Street in 1913 by Ernie Adcock (large file and will take a little time to load)

Barges are in Gordon’s Blood by Gordon Wiseman (Evening Echo Article 17 Jan 2008)

From Wakering to the West Coast of Ireland by Paul Duncan

Great Wakering Memories on Francis Frith Website - Add your own memories

Great Wakering And The Effigy - Southend Standard [5th November 1907]

Great Wakering’s Coronation Clock - Southend Standard [March 1913]

Halfway House by Heather McPherson (now Heather Babb) - Link to Francis Frith Website

History Returns - A Thing of Beauty - A Joy Forever - The Sailing Barge 'Cygnet' by Councillor Laurence Street

Memoirs Of A Boy Growing Up by Ernie Adcock

Memoirs of Mrs Mott nee Howard by Ann Mott’s mother

Memories of High Street South by Councillor Doug Gregory

Memoirs of Peter Wall - Born in Shoebury 1933

Portions Of The Great Wakering Estate 1926

Reflections of Life in 1918 Wakering by Nellie Groves

Riotous Scenes At Great Wakering - Southend Standard [7th November 1907]

Some Childhood Memories by Stan Everard

The Anchor PH Burnt Down - Southend Standard [December 1903]

The Anchor PH Rebuilt - Southend Standard [February1904]

The Loneliness of Foulness by Leon Dobson

Thomas Mead’s Life Story “A GLIMPSE AT THE PAST” by his son Ernest Mead - Produced courtesy of John Mead the grandson of Thomas Mead. The article was published over three issues of the ‘Rochford News’ - Issues 9, 11 and 15, the latter being published in March 1984.

Threadgold Farms - 1953 Flood at Oxenham by John Threadgold

Threadgold Farms - History by John Threadgold

Wakering’s New Police Officer - Southend Standard [21st November 1907]

Nostalgia Barling & Wakering Heritage

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