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There is so much historical information available now, thanks in part to the Internet, that I decided to create a dedicated website where I could collate this information for all to see. All of the facts, pictures and memoirs come from residents of the village over the years and include:

I have also referenced six excellent published books which are well worth a read:

  1. The History of Rochford Hundred” by Philip Benton of Wakering Hall in 1867.
  2. The Rayner Family of Great Wakering" by Albert Rayner Bsc (Econ) FCA. Published 1987
  3. "Fowlness the Mystery Isle 1914-1939" by John S Dobson. Published 1996. The Foulness Heritage Centre should be able to supply copies of this book and a visit to the Centre is well worth the drive. I had the opportunity to talk to Leon Dobson of Foulness Island who allowed me to post a link to his late brother John S Dobson’s video tour of Foulness Island.
  4. "Portrait of Great Wakering" by Johnnie Quarrel. Published 1996.
  5. "History of the Wakering and Barling Barges" by Gordon Wiseman. Published 1999
  6. Rochford - A History” by Mavis Sipple. Published 2004.

Ernie Adcock in his article 'Ernie Remembers' reveals his memoirs as a boy growing up between 1910 and 1924. I find the following extract quite remarkable: "Perhaps you might begin to get a better picture of my village in those days if I tell you all the things we had not got. There was no buses, no street lights, no water in the houses only standpipes in the street, no gas, no electricity, no motor cars, no aeroplanes, no national health service, no family allowance, no old age pensions, and no council houses. But I must not give you the idea that because of all these No’s life was dull for us boys, not a bit of it. We were busy all the time, there was no playing fields so we played all our games in the street. For a football we got a pig’s bladder from the butcher and blew it up. Perhaps not as good as Wembley but to us boys hours and hours of fun with our goal posts a couple of boxes in the street."

This is just an appetiser for the full article which can be read and downloaded along with many other ‘Nostalgia’ articles by following this link.

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