List of Inhabitants

The directory lists the names in the following order: Surname, First Name. It also abbreviates names. These have been reversed and typed in full to assist research.

James Alp, blacksmith
Augustus Ascole, watch mater, etc.
Thomas Bailey carpenter and builder
William Bailey, carpenter
James Bell, wheelwright, etc.
Henry Benniwith, wheelwright
Daniel Bradley, victualler
Charles Bradnam, gardener, etc.
George Burgess, bricklayer
James Catmull, jun., builder
John Edmund Catmull, brick maker
Agate Clement, bailiff, Wic Farm
John Collins, coal dealer
Robert Cooper, watch maker, etc.
Samuel Cripps, horse, etc. letter
Rev. Edward Dodson, B.A., vicar
Robert Foulger, clothes dealer
John Freeman, wheelwright
George Nathan Fulcher, schoolmaster
William Fulcher, victualler White Hart
Charles Gardner, parish clerk
James Howard and John Howard, bargemen
James Kemp, victualler, Anchor
Abraham Kernot, surgeon
Charles Miller, surgeon
Alexander Norden, blacksmith
Rev. Samuel Oliver (Independent)
Joseph Pawsey, beerhouse, etc.
George Perkins, hardware, etc., dealer
Thomas Pierce, veterinary surgeon
William Rod, victualler, Lion
Mrs C. Whitaker
Mrs E. Webb

Henry Cater, St. John's Land
James Catmull, and builder
William Parsons, Winters
J.W. Stallibrass
Mr Morin
Alfred Wedd, Land Wic

John Freeman
Samuel Frost
Joseph Howard
Abraham Kilson
John Monk
William Porter
John Smith

Boot and Shoemakers.
John Adams
James Baker
Jonathan Beadel
Thomas Goodson
Mellor Wyborn
William Wyborn
Robert Wyborn

Joseph Kirkham
Samuel Oliver

John Boreham, and harrow maker
James Ayton

Thomas Beard
William Buxton
Charles Leeks
Henry Livermore
William Hadley
John Rivers
George Walter Webb
Henry Webb
Ann Elizabeth Wright

Peter Henry Brown
Stephen Rice

Barling & Wakering Heritage

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