Eynsham Hall

Eynsham HALL in North Leigh, Witney, Oxfordshire opened on 31st May 1947 and having trained some twenty thousand police students, finally closed its doors to police recruits in June 1981.

The original hall probably dates back to 1780, and it was in the early 1800's that the Bazly family took over. The present owner's grandfather bought the house in 1862 and when he died 40 years later the estate consisted of 10,000 acres. The old building was demolished and the present hall built about 1904. The Home Office took over the lease in 1946 to handle the large number of recruits who joined the service after the war.

Most Essex officers were introduced into the mysteries of policing at this Edwardian manor and will recall, with mixed feelings, their time in the imposing building with its landscaped gardens. Purpose-built buildings in the grounds gave the police the accommodation they needed in the 1950s. But it is the house itself that gave Eynsham - its name and its flavour. Many previous and some existing police officers will remember the building well and look back at the memorable days spent there walking the grounds trying to remember all of those police definitions.

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