Prize Giving

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This is the full set of Prize Day photos, from 1954, submitted by Pam (nee Flintoff) Stone. Although she didn't attend our school, her sisters, Penny and Susan, did and they are to be seen in these pics. All of them were taken by their father, Frank Flintoff, a keen amateur photographer and formerly of Townfield House, Oldbury Road. In the 1950s, Frank Flintoff was the manager of Southend Pier, as is evidenced, for example, on this website:


Below is the outline and index for Picture 9. Although the prize recipient is different, the audience is much the same.


1 ? 2 ? 3 Mrs Margaret Deeks (nee Bradbury) 4 Mrs Nellie Mumford (nee Enguell) 5 ? 6 ? 7 Mrs Hoare 8 Mrs Nora Snow 9 ? 10 Susan Flintoff 11 Pat Robinson 12 Miss Riley 12 ? 14 Robert Avery 15 Penny Flintoff 16 ? 17 Mrs Abrey 18 Mrs Lamsden 19 ? 20 Mr Williams 21 Jane Freemont 22 Mrs Ruth Sutton 23 Mrs Beryl Day 24 Mrs Hopson 25 ? 26 Terry Day


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