Photographs from the Past 1

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Here are a few pictures I have got, sent mainly by Peter and Paul, from the history of those who attended Barling school.

Click on the pictures to get an enlarged view.

Do you remember the Witton family, from Kimberley road, the young man between Stanley and David is Paul. Stanley and David have their twin sister on their shoulders. Then the next picture is Leanda Kersey  & Paul

Wittons.jpg (81078 bytes)          Leanda&Paul.jpg (76550 bytes)

Now we have two pictures were Norman Snow is the dominant one, the one of the left is Norman Snow and Valerie Mott (1950) and the right, Norman Snow, Rosemary Little and John Little and with Michael Little in the foreground. (1951)

NormVal1.jpg (29067 bytes)         NormValothers.jpg (33906 bytes)

          The 1950 football team               Mr. Learmond's Class of '49 

football1950.jpg (57139 bytes)               learmond'sclass1949.jpg (45973 bytes)

Mr. Learmond's Class of '50               Mrs Hoare Class of '50        

learmond'sclass1950class.jpg (51138 bytes)               School2.jpg (57628 bytes)

 Sports Day 1958           Sports Day 1957 

BS1953-4.jpg (44572 bytes)              

   Red Team 1948              Youth Centre 1953

BarlingSchRedTm.jpg (50769 bytes)               BarlingYthCntre.jpg (61415 bytes)

Two pictures taken in the rear playground.

Playground1.jpg (56023 bytes)            Playground2.jpg (43473 bytes)

A Nativity play at the Parochial Hall

Navitity.jpg (65898 bytes)        

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