A get together at the Castle Inn.

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Norman Brian Snow attended Barling Magna Primary School from 1949 - 1955, and from there went to Southend High School for Boys.  He then progressed to university (Southampton) for his bachelor's degree and then went on to obtain his doctorate in an aspect of marine biology. Norman then moved to Canada (around 1975) to take up his first scientific post after his marriage to Elspeth, who was a student at a nearby college in Southampton. This marriage produced a son (Michael) and a daughter (Heather). Michael is working in the oil industry in Saskatchewan Canada while Heather is a doctoral student of archaeology at the University of Toronto. Norman has undertaken a number of employment positions with the Canadian government but, currently, is working alongside the native peoples of the western artic (the Inuvialuit) as the director of a local community group. He is now married to Rose Ann (a local business woman) and they have two children, Kathleen (Kate) and Norman, so as to minimise confusion he is generally referred to as Norman while his dad is referred to as Norm.

Norm lives with his family in Univik, Northwest Territories, Canada, which is well within the Artic Circle. Norm is also a director of the World Wildlife Fund for Canada.


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