Today's Pictures

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barlingschool2000.jpg (61719 bytes)

The School Today

These are some current pictures of a few of us. In some cases clicking the picture will provide an enlarged view.

The pictures are in the order I have received them.

      I will start with myself, somewhat older and hopefully wiser.

Peter1999.jpg (57945 bytes)    Peter Griffiths 

Paul2000.jpg (73412 bytes)   Paul Abercrombie 

JossGriffiths_today.jpg (82615 bytes)   Gerald (Joss) Griffiths

Jgriffiths.jpg (35610 bytes)  John Griffiths

theboys.jpg (55979 bytes)  The Griffiths Boys with cousin Paul

Val Mott - Betty Mitchell Lt Wak Creek 2001 jpg.jpg (40525 bytes) Val Mott & Betty Mitchell. (2001)

raymott_2001.jpg (40402 bytes) Raymond Mott

aunt_queen_lucy_witton.jpg (75750 bytes) (Auntie) Queenie Jones (nee Bell) & Lucy Witton

Barbara 2002.JPG (28493 bytes)  Barbara Stride (nee Bush)(2002)

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