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Hi everyone,

Historically, this page has been used to record any updates to the web site. I don't see any reason for changing that. The only difference will be that the updates will be in descending chronological order, i.e. the most recent will be listed first.

I have to say that I was quite taken back when David, Dawn & Peter asked me to become the new web site administrator. Mainly because the web site is very large. However, thanks to Geoff's highly efficient organisation and hard work (no doubt!), I am finding my way around the site quite nicely.

For those of you who might want to check on previous updates done by Geoff, you can get to them by clicking here.

Added on Thursday, March 27th, 2013
Added 10 pictures to new page Barling - Peter Huxter Barling Collection supplied by Pauline Huxter.

Added on Tuesday, December, 3rd,, 2013
Moved 5 pictures from Great Wakering - The School to the 1st row on Great Wakering - Secondary School

Added on Tuesday, December, 3rd,, 2013
Created a new page Great Wakering - Secondary School comprising 12 Great Wakering Secondary School photos supplied by Barbara (Prince) Wood, the daughter of John Prince who was the headmaster from 1957 when it opened.  We are looking to get names to all of the photos. so get you're thinking hats on. NOTE: Is that Sally Webster from Corrie 2nd from the left in the School Dance Team???

Moved previously published John Prince Documents to the new page Great Wakering - The School - Secondary School

Added on Tuesday, October, 29th,, 2013
Created a new page Great Wakering / John Prince Documents comprising 16 Great Wakering Secondary School documents supplied by Barbara (Prince) Wood, the daughter of John Prince who was the headmaster from 1957 when it opened.  There are 4 Newsletters from 1960 to 1962, 2 Plays – Nativity and Red Velvet Goat, 7 Presentation of Prizes from 1958 to 1962, 1965 and 1966, Speech Day 1960, Sports Day, Opening of the Swimming Pool 1962 by Miss Margaret White the Channel Swimmer and a photo of her swimming in the pool. Please note: When you click on one of the documents it will get downloaded to your computer (presumably to the Downloads folder) and you can open it from there.

Added on Tuesday, October, 1st,, 2013
Added another 7 photos to new page Great Wakering - Recent Photos , submitted by Barbara (Bush) Stride from New Zealand, depicting recent photos of the west end of Great Wakering High Street and up to Star Lane. Not sure in which year these were taken (Vickery's garage was still there!) but certainly a very neat collection.

Added on Tuesday, October, 1st,, 2013
Added 8 photos to new page Great Wakering - Recent Photos , submitted by Barbara (Bush) Stride from New Zealand, depicting recent photos of the west end of Great Wakering High Street and up to Star Lane.

Added on Thursday, September, 26th,, 2013
Added an external link to the HomePage to East Anglian Film Archive

Posted four photographs on Great Wakering - The Past 3 of Arthur (Lefty) Copper and his family, together with a PDF containing a brief life history. Arthur was the horse slaughterer in Great Wakering village in the early to mid 1900s.  These were supplied by David Bailey, who is the grandson of Arthur Cooper.

Added 2 photos to Barling - The past 9, submitted by Anne Holmstead (who lives in New Zealand but whose family used to reside in Little Wakering) showing a Barling football team circa 1910 together with a casual shot in what looks like the Parrish Meadow, Little Wakering (thanks to Peter for spotting The Castle pub in the background). If anyone has any knowledge of these photos we would love to hear from you.

Added on Tuesday, September, 24th,, 2013
Added 4 articles about Bannister House, Mucking Hall Road to new page Barling Magna - The Past 9, kindly donated by Richard Cripps, the current occupier.

Made amendments to Sadie Morgan 9 and 10 as supplied by Roy Richards. Then moved the latter to Barling - The Past 5 as photo 13. Also made amendments to photo 14 - Barling School 1943 - (Miss Riley's Class), thanks again to Roy.

Changed our HomePage to remove out-of-date links to external sites for churches, pubs, etc. and added a link to RDCA, which is a reciprocal link as we are on their site here, under the heading 'Other useful links'.

Added on Tuesday, September, 3rd,, 2013
Added 14 Great Wakering Scenes photographs and descriptions to Great Wakering - The Past 3, which Shirley Gates and June Taylor supplied. This is a fantastic collection from the early 20th Century. Thanks to Dawn for the comments.

Added on Tuesday, February, 12th, 2013
Added 6 photos supplied by Les Gilkes depicting The Gilkes Family history.

Added 3 photos supplied by Pearl Mumford - 2 of Barling: Harris Row & Kingsmead Cottages, 1 of Foulness Post Office. The other photo supplied by Shirley Gate of Foulness Court End.

Added on Tuesday, January 15th, 2013
Added a series of photos (57 in total) from the 2012 Reunion, held at the Great Wakering Community Centre. Thanks to Yvonne (Hubbard) Flower and David Bailey for supplying them. Special mention to David Bracci for turning up in 7 photos (5 in his role as raffle assistant), and to Ken Waller for his choice of stylish handbag!!!

Added on Tuesday, June 12th, 2012
Added a series of Barling School Football Teams - 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966 and 1969 to Barling - The Past 5. We are missing some names for the 1966 team and nearly all of the team of '69 when, along with the advent of colour photography, they obviously introduced substitutes!!!

Added 2 photos to Great Wakering - The Past 3. The first one shows the Board of Governors in 1924 - sorry but I can't be certain where this photo came from. The other one is of the intrepid Great Wakering Youth Centre Basketball Team of 1972 - we were more accustomed to kicking the ball than throwing it but, thanks to a lot of support from Alec at the club, we certainly looked the part.

Added on Thursday, May 24th, 2012
Amended several pages according to instructions from Roy Pitts, Ernest Cobb, George Bailey etc., which can be found here
. We have at last found Great Wakering School Year 11 taken in 1953 – we had it all the time on the original Great Wakering page but we had dated it 1951. This was the fourth and final Senior year so the older pupils were able to leave after their 15th birthdays at the end of term at Christmas or Easter term so making a smaller class. Only Year 9 to find now!!!

Added 1 photo to Barling - The Past 5 - names supplied by Terry Cornwall and Roy Pitts - showing the Barling School Football Team - 1962

Added on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012
Added 1 photo to Barling - The Past 8 - submitted by Les Gilkes and Sheelagh (Chapman) Aranha - showing the Barling Brigands Speedway Team of 1956 - it's what boyhood memories are all about!!!

Added 3 photos to Little Wakering - History Page 1 - submitted by Lesley Marshall. All photos are of Little Wakering Road in 1910 - Mowlings Sweet Shop, Looking East & Looking West (particularly poignant to yours truly as the wooden cottage that has been demolished is where my house stands).

Phew! What a task. Updated a whole bunch of amendments submitted by Roy Pitts, David Freeman, Phyllis Alp and others (as yet not identified). Anyway, the updates are too numerous to mention but are listed here for those with a curious nature. Seriously, I urge you to take a look, not least that my hard work should be in vain, but because there are so many surprises. The other good news is that some pages have now been standardised while all photos should now display properly.

Added on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012
Added new Gt. Wakering page The Past 3 containing 3 photos. The first is Lilian Fulcher standing beside her decorated bicycle displayed at the Village Fair outside Little Wakering Hall Farm where she lived in the 1900s. The second is Phyllis Alp in her car decorated with postcards of Great Britain in Great Wakering Carnival Procession in the mid 1960s. The third is the Carnival Queen float in Great Wakering Carnival Procession in the mid 1960s.

Removed shops in Great Wakering High Street fromGreat Wakering - The Past 2 as it's already published on Great Wakering - The Past 1 (thanks Dawn for the heads-up!)

Added on Thursday, February 2nd, 2012
Added 2 photos to Great Wakering - The Past 2  submitted by Janet (Mead) Rodmell. The first is of Landwick Cottages and the second is of some children who lived in the area Janet lived there from 1946 to 1957.

Also added a rare photo of some shops in Great Wakering High Street circa 1910 to the Great Wakering - The Past 2.

Added on Thursday, November 17th, 2011
Added 3 splendid photos to Great Wakering - The Past 1 submitted by Lesley Marshall. The first is The Star Public House (early 1900's), High Street Shops circa 1910, and the unbelievable Lorry Incident in 1935.

Added on Wednesday, November 16th, 2011
The Griffiths Family have moved from Barling Magna to Little Wakering , as per instructions from Peter.

Added on Tuesday, November 15th, 2011
Added Great Wakering Secondary School Staff Spring Term 1959  to Great Wakering - The School page, supplied by Peter Griffiths.

Added Jim Chaplin at work at Milton Hall Star Lane to the Great Wakering Brickfields page, with a footnote by Alan Chaplin (Jim's son), who supplied the photo. (I know it's a different brickfield site but it seems to fit in nicely - hope Bernard agrees!)

Added on Monday, November 7th, 2011
Add Great Wakering Scouts at Great Wakering Carnival 1954  to Great Wakering - The Past Two - this photo was taken minutes after Great Wakering Carnival circa 1954 which precedes it on the same page.

Added on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011
Add a new page to Little Wakering main page - Cygnet Barge which contains 2 photos submitted by Laurie Street. The first of the fully restored Cygnet barge spotted sailing in the creeks in the summer of 2010 and the other showing Laurie as a young bargeman in the '50s. The photos are accompanied by a marvellous account of the working life of the Cygnet barge including the harrowing encounters during the 1953 Flood.

Moved the photo and press cutting of Tom Childs from Little Wakering - History 1 to Wick Farm page.

Added Janice Smith's name to the roll call for Mrs Riley's Class approx 1952 - 1953 on the Barling Magna- The Past 4 page.

Added on Tuesday, November 1st, 2011
Add 2 photos to Great Wakering - The Past Two The first is an unknown wedding possibly Simpson in Great Wakering in the 1920s supplied by Lesley (Bailey) Marshall with no names.  The second is the wedding of Ethel Beadle and David Manning in Great Wakering in 1913. 

Also added the wedding of Marion Brown and Walter Forbes at Barling Church in 1946.  This wassupplied by Pat (Forbes) Robbins, who also supplied further name amendments to the first photo on Barling “The Brown Family” page Suttons Farm Brown Family

Added on Friday, October 14th, 2011

Added latest edition of Small Beginnings to Newsletter page - once again, many thanks to Lynne (Marshall) Askham. By the way, I remember watching the film 'Summer Holiday' with Cliff Richard after school with all of the windows blacked out. Mr. Learmond certainly liked his movies!

Amended the 'Addresses Page' to become the more familiar 'Contact Us' page and changed the contents to be more current.

Added on Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Changed page Little Wakering - 1881 Census to include a map of Little Wakering at the time of the Census - supplied by Peter Griffiths.

Added on Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

1st publication for almost a year - sorry for the delay.

Added 2 photos to Great Wakering - The School The first is a newspaper cutting of the Secondary School Football Team in 1958 supplied by David Freeman (did they win the Final???). The second is the Netball Team in 1955 and was supplied by Mike Burles.

Added 18 photos to Barling Magna - The Griffiths Family submitted by Peter Griffiths - a wonderful collection of memories of David, Joss, Peter, John, Vera & Ken.

Added on Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Changed Great Wakering - The School - Class of 1948 to be Class of 1949 as per instructions from John Threadgold.

Added 1 photo to the Foulness School page. This shows the Class of 1948 as they are now. Added 2 photos to Great Wakering School page. The first is a copy of the Class of 1949 (above) with some of the class superimposed with the heads as they are now. The second photo is of those same 1949 students as they are today. All photos supplied by John Threadgold (nice one John!)

Added 2 photos to Great Wakering - The Past One. The first one is a group of men taken on a coach outing with the Great Wakering British Legion in about 1952.  This was supplied by Valerie (Mott) Ridley.  The second is of a group of 2nd Great Wakering Sea Scouts taken at their 25 Year Anniversary at the United Reformed Church Hall on 23 April 1989.  This was supplied by David Bailey.

Added four Great Wakering Second World War photos to Great Wakering - The Past One. The first one is a group of Great Wakering Wardens taken at Key Post No 16 at the old Great Wakering School in September 1941. The second is of a group of Great Wakering Special Policemen at the old Great Wakering School taken during 1939-1945 war. Both supplied by David Bailey. The third is of a Messerschmitt Bf 110 German twin engine heavy fighter plane which had crash landed in the field to the west of Star Lane brickworks in Great Wakering in 1940 and the fourth is of the same plane but guarded

Added four photos to Barling - The Past Two . The first is a wedding of William Outten and Lucy Groves taken in the back garden of Cotts Cottage, Church Road, Barling in June 1902.  The second is Fred and Mabel Bradbury and their family on a horse and cart in Barling in 1937.  Both supplied by Olive (Bradbury) Cooper.  The third is a ladies coach outing in about 1938 -1940.  The fourth is D Company Home Guard 1939 – 1945 Barling, Wakering, Sutton and Shopland Platoon.  These two were supplied by Dawn (Mumford) Bailey. 

Added on Monday, November 29th, 2010

Added Small Beginnings Edition 16 (Summer 2009) to the Newsletter page.

Added 3 photos to the Great Wakering School page. The first is a newspaper cutting of pupils of Great Wakering Secondary School who took part in a hike for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme taken in 1961, supplied by David Bailey. The second is a newspaper cutting of Great Wakering Primary School being presented with the Benfleet Shield after defeating Great Burstead in the final in 1954. This was supplied by Veronica Lisle the daughter of Sports Teacher Bernard Lisle shown in the picture. is a picture of the winning team with the shield taken at Great Wakering School shortly after supplied by John Collicutt.

Added 2 photos to Great Wakering - The Past One . The first one is a group of children on Great Wakering Church corner in about the early 1950s supplied by Gordon Wiseman. The secondThe second is a newspaper cutting of a cricket match between scholars and staff of Great Wakering Congregational Church in about 1956 , supplied by David Bailey.


Added on Monday, November 30th, 2009

Added 3 pictures contributed by Valerie (Mott). The first to Barling - The Past 8   (picture no. 11) showing the Barling Mission Hall in the early 1950s. The second  a photo of a George Mott & Bert Deeks at work on Wick Farm. The last one of Ray & Valerie Mott in fancy dress at the local fete was added to History 3 pages.

Two more photos from the 1940s submitted from Peter Griffiths added to Little Wakering - History 3 showing Little Wakering Sunday School outing and a summer fete.

Added on Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Added 3 pictures to Barling - The Past 3, the one of the Schoolboy's Gardening Class was submitted by Enid & Rosemary (nee Eve), while the other 2 of the old (make that very old) Barling Forge were submitted by Yvonne Hartley who now resides beside the forge.

Added on Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Added 3 pictures to Little Wakering series, submitted by Enid & Rosemary (nee Eve). Added 'Wedding of David Eve & Sylvia' to History 3. Created new page - Wick Farm - containing 2 new photos of Clara Childs & a group of ladies pea picking on the farm.

Also standardised the look of all pages in the Little Wakering album.

Added on Monday, Aprill 6th, 2009

Well done to Leslie Marshall who has now supplied us with some names for Great Wakering Dance Group at Rochford Hospital 1953

Thanks to Val Smith who has identified her father-in-law, Jack Smith, as being at the scene of the German Plane at Ropers Farm.

Published Edition 15 of 'Small Beginnings'. Thanks to Lynne for her continued support.

Added a link to The Friends of St. Nicholas website to the main Great Wakering Page.

Added on Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Added more names to Great Wakering Past 2 Picture No 14 - Great Wakering Methodist Supper Left photo Front Row Seated to 7 Len Rogers 8 Mrs Ethel Rogers and 9 Keith Mead. Picture No 15 - Great Wakering Methodist Supper Right photo Front Row Seated 1 Mrs Ethel Rogers 2 Keith Mead 3 Michael Mead 7 Arthur Parsons and 8 Mrs Clara Parsons. Picture No 13 ‘Happy Ones’ 1965 Front Row on cart 7 Pearl Little.

Added on Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Added two photos supplied by Kenny Waller. The first being Youth Club Drama Group: "Happiest Days of Your Life"   The other being Youth Club: Girls There are some question marks about some of the people and others are still to be named (X).

Added on Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Added two photos to Great Wakering The Past Two both submitted with thanks from Andy MacIntyre. We think the picture of Great Wakering high street is a carnival. The only people we can put names to is Andy and his mother. He is in the pushchair with his mother pushing on the left of the photo. We guess it must be about 1953-4. The other photo is of Great Wakering Scouts 1964 at the World Jamboree held at Belchamps, Hockley.

Added on Friday, October 24th, 2008

Added three more Galleries (5 through 7) containing 21 photos to Reunion 2008  Thanks go out to our cameramen for their efforts!!!

Added on Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Four Galleries containing 31 photos have been added to Reunion 2008  It looks like everybody had fun. Shame I couldn't make it :-(

Added on Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Thanks to Mick Prior for some revisions and additions of new names to Barling, The Past 3 and The Past 6

Added photos 5 - 9 to Barling, Teachers - Sadie Morgan These were submitted by Sadie herself at a recent Barling School get together at The Cherry Tree and depict picnic scenes at the local Sea Wall. Also added a 10th photo of Sadie's Class of 1942 (no names yet).

Added a photograph and names of Great Wakering Secondary School Teachers circa 1959 supplied by Lesley (Bailey) Marshall. Also two photographs and names of Great Wakering Primary School Class 1953 Year 8 and Year 10 which were supplied by brothers Eric and Ernie Cobb and John Threadgold.  (We now only need Years 9 and 11 and we will have the whole school for 1953.)

Many thanks to Lynne for the latest edition of Small Beginnings. I think you'll agree that the articles tie in very nicely with the website.

Added on Friday, April 18th, 2008

Added new page, under Barling, entitled Barling Sewage Farm Protest depicting interviews with local residents, soil samples being taken and protesters on the march, which was held back in 1972. If anyone has some names to the faces please get in touch.

Added new page The Brickfields, under Great Wakering, showing 3 new photos supplied by Gwen Rawlingson, Peter Huxter & Gordon Wiseman. Also moved 2 existing photos from The Past 1 to the new page. Alongside the photos is a brilliant article on The Brickfields written by Bernard Cooper.


Added on Friday, April 11th, 2008

Added the latest Edition (13) of the Small Beginnings Newsletter, produced by Lynne Askham (nee Marshall). Good stuff!

Added a new link toThe Bell Pub under Great Wakering pages. This is an article written by Mick Prior following a reference to the pub in the latest edition of Small Beginnings (see above). Mick is also asking for information about the Holmes & French families in the village in the late 1800s, so if anyone can help you will find his email address at the foot of the article.

Added on Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Added four new photos, supplied by Jean Hayden (nee Wright), to new page Barling Youth Centre Drama Group, showing scenes from various plays performed by the group in the 1950s. Break a leg!!!

Re-organised Great Wakering Pages so that all photos of the High Street are now under High Street Vistas; remaining photos previously under 'Village Pictures' & 'More Up To Date' have been redistributed under The Past 1 & The Past 2. Some of the photos of the High Street have not been dated - any help would be appreciated.

Added on Sunday, January 27th, 2008
6 Great Wakering Dance Group photographs, 4 supplied by Elaine (Rayner) Cripps via Mike Burles and 2 supplied by Lesley (Bailey) Marshall.  The 4 taken in Great Wakering are difficult to describe so we put the number of dancers in brackets to help identify them.  We have most of the names except for the Rochford Hospital 1953 one and will update later when Lesley consults with some more of her friends.

Added on Tuesday, November 20th, 2007
Added a series of photos, submitted by Phyllis Alp & Bernard Cooper, featuring various scenes of Great Wakering High Street. These have been added to a new page - High Street Vistas - within the Great Wakering portfolio. The 3 photos supplied by Phyllis, which were added on my last visit, have been moved to these new pages along with the existing High Street 1984 page.

Added on Wednesday, October 17th, 2007
Added a series of photos, submitted by Phyllis Alp, entitled Alfred Groves Family. There are seven Barling photos including Phyllis’ Mother Evelyn Groves, Aunt Nellie, Uncle Sid, Uncle Bob and Grandfather Alfred Groves (called Jummy). We don't have names for the pigs :-)

I have added 3 (three) photos supplied by Phyllis Alp and Karen Ward to Great Wakering - The Past 2 showing Alp Cottage in 1941 & 1960, along with a 'Womens Own' excursion in 1913.

Added on Tuesday, October 16th, 2007
Added content to Great Wakering - The Past Two. An excellent photo of the Great Wakering wartime forces canteen helpers taken about 1945 - thanks to Phyllis Alp for that one. Also, 3 photos supplied by Pearl Perryman (nee Mumford) showing two Great Wakering Methodist events. The 'Happy Ones' was taken in 1965 while the (left & right) photos of the Methodist Supper was sometime in the 1960s.

Phyllis Alp has some amendments to the names of the Great Wakering Women's Training Corp 1944. Back Row 6 is Pat Brown and 7 is Freda Morecombe, the others not known were from Rochford.

Added on Saturday, September 29th, 2007
Added link to Teachers page for Sadie Morgan where 4 (four) photos that she passed on to us are displayed.

Re-organised Teachers page to include links to Mr. Learmond and Miss Riley and removed button links from other Barling pages.

Added on Wednesday, July 11th, 2007
5 (five) photos of the New School between 1975 - 81, submitted by Tony Groves. His son Richard is in two photos of Barling School Football Team 1975-6 and 1976-7.  His daughter Alison is in three photos of Barling School The Green Team June 1978, Barling School Mrs Tookey’s Class June 1978 and Barling School Netball Team 1980-1.  Richard and Alison started at the Old Barling School and then transferred to the new Barling School, where these photos were taken. A fine collection. The first of many for the New School perhaps!

Added on Tuesday, June 6th, 2007
8 (eight) photos of ex-pupil & war hero Peter Robinson, formerly of Coronation Close, submitted by his daughter Irene (Robinson) Wright. I have also inluded details of the citation that was published in connection with his being awarded the DCM. Good stuff!!!

Added on Thursday, April 19th, 2007
Barling The Past 2 has been amended such that the 1st 3 photos have been moved to a new page Prize Giving , which shows those 3 plus an additional 7 photos, taken in 1954, sent by Pam Stone (nee Flintoff). As you can see we have the names for the original photos but not the new ones. There still remains 4 photos on the Past 2 page.


Added on Tuesday, February 13th, 2007
Barling The Past 2 (3rd picture) The mystery prizwewinner has finally been identified thanks to Pam Stone (nee Flintoff) . Pam's comments about her family have also been posted here. (11th picture - foot of page) The lady on the far right is Pam's grandmother, her father's mother, Edith Flintoff.

Added on Monday, February 12th, 2007
Barling The Past 3 (4th picture) Mrs Horner’s Class of 1948/9 - Middle Row changed No 2 Eric to Ernest Cobb and No 9 Ernest to Eric Cobb. 

The Past 4 (last picture) Class of 52 - renamed to Mrs Horner’s Class 1952 and added the names.

The Past 5 (7th picture) Barling School 1943 - Back Row No 1 is Maurice Rust and No 2 is Les Jones.

The Past 6 (1st picture) Barling Drama Group - Back Row No 1 is Bernard Duffy, Front Row No 2 is Nobby Emberson and No 6 is John Duffy. (4th picture) A Day Out, added a new set of names.

The Past 8 (5th Picture) Barling Brigands - No 6 is Neville Franklyn. (6th picture) Barling Brigands  - No 8 is Neville Franklyn. (7th picture) Added Barling Brigands with names, submitted by Claire Smith. (9th picture) Renamed the Barling Church Hall to the Barling Mission Hall. Also added another picture (10th) submitted by Eric Cobb taken between 1945 and 1955. Finally, added a new football photo (12th picture) and names submitted by John Bailey of Barling 'The day we won 1945', with names.

Added on Thursday, October 12th, 2006
A set of 7 photos submitted by Eric and Ernie Cobb showing their family, some of when they lived at Dam Farm, Little Wakering and a photo of Dam Farm when they lived there. Added to Little Wakering - The Cobb Family.


Pictures from the Reunion on 30th September have been added to Reunion 2006 . Many thanks to all those who have contributed, especially our intrepid snappers Vic Tharp & David Bailey. (No not that one, stupid!) I'm sure you'll agree with me that the photos are truly representative of the night - great fun!!!


Added on Tuesday, October 10th, 2006
Lynne Askham (Marshall) has issued the latest Small Beginnings newsletter, which has been added to Newsletter - Edition 12 . Please refer to instructions at the top of the page to find your way around the document.

Added on Wednesday, September 6th, 2006
Amended several names under Great Wakering - The School, viz 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th photos on the page. Thanks to Ernie & Eric Cobb.

Added two new photos under Great Wakering - The School. The first is a photo sent in by Keith Price of Fred Scott's Model Plane Class of 1955. And a very proud bunch of lads they are too! The other photo is of the School Senior Sports Day 1949, with thanks from Joyce Threadgold.

Added on Monday, September 4th, 2006

Added 4 new photos to Foulness - Foulness School - Years 1907, 1908-10, 1949 & 1954. Also renamed Year 1900 to 1909, as that appears to be the date it was taken. Many thanks to Lesley (Rippingale) Abbott for submitting this fine selection.

Added new page Great Wakering - The School 1953 They were taken as a Queen Elizabeth 2nd Coronation Year souvenir.  We have all the infants and junior classes (Years 1 to 7) and they include Foulness Island pupils temporarily there due to the floods in February 1953 and are marked (FI).   Mike Burles has been helping to collect and name the photos  and we are trying to locate the senior ones. Years 1 to 7 have been supplied by Patricia Robbins, Peter Huxter, Shirley Gates, Carlo Cripps, Ruth Rippingale, Maureen & Eric Dyer.

Added on Saturday, September 2nd, 2006
Peter Bowyer has submitted his group wedding photo and a smashing photo of Pauline Corby, his bride. Great Wakering - The Past 2

Also on the same page, a great photo of Lois Watts & Penny Driscoll having fun at Oxenham Farm sea wall. Submitted by Ray Beadell. (Ah, those were the days!)

Moved "Foulness St Mary's Church School Group 1" from Foulness - The Past 1 to Foulness - Foulness School

Added on Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
Peter Bowyer (one of the class) pointed out that the Class of 1948, which was listed under Barling School was, in fact, Great Wakering School. The photo has therefore been moved to Great Wakering - The School

Added on Monday, August 7th, 2006

Joyce Threadgold has now supplied us with the names of the photograph "Foulness St Mary's Church School Group 1" - photograph 1 on Foulness - The Past 1.   It was originally thought to have been taken around 1900 but is confirmed as 1909 by Bob Crump.

Joyce has also supplied us with another Fowlness School (spelling at the time) photograph of 1897 and the names - Foulness - Foulness School

Added on Friday, May 26th, 2006
Added notes about next get-together - item number 12 on Diary of Events.

Published new 'blog' for Reunion 2006. Ref: You are welcome to sign up and contribute any ideas or comments that you feel are relevant to the proceedings.

Added on Monday, May 22nd, 2006
New Section - Foulness - Foulness School. The 1925 and 1926 photos were from Mrs Joyce Threadgold (her mother Maria Cripps is in both of them.  The 1950 photo is from Mike Burles. Amazing that we have all the names for the three photos.

An amendment to the 6th photo within Great Wakering - The Past Two sent in by Maureen Clark.  According to Mrs Grace Brandon (nee Galley), one of the leaders, the photo description is incorrect.  It should read “Great Wakering Guards and Sunbeams in the front garden of the leader Mrs Chaplin, next door to Tickett & Mott garage in 1946”. We have also added some of the names to the faces.

Added “Great Wakering Women’s Training Corps 1944” to Great Wakering - The Past Two ; with thanks from Grace Brandon. Again, some of the names have been added.

Added on Monday, April 4th, 2006

One new photo added to Great Wakering - The Past Two; yet another contributed by David Manton. This one shows David & his family, along with Mrs Todd & Steven and the Salmons family.

A couple of oldies added to Foulness - Past 1, submitted by Geoff Hume - Great Newlands Farm in 1904 & Home Guard 1944. Fantastic stuff!

And lastly, a couple of not-so-oldies added to Barling Magna - The Past 5, submitted by Dawn & David Bailey, with a promise of more to come!

Added on Saturday, February 11th, 2006
Two new photos added to Great Wakering - The Past Two; contributed by David Manton, who lived in Coronation Close. One of the photos was taken at a fancy dress party in Southend and will be of interest to our eagle-eyed visitors as, apart from David, we don't have any names! Please take a coupe of minutes to see if there is anyone you know in the group.

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