Sadie Morgan

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Sadie taught at the school from 1937 to 1942, and some of her pupils still live in the villages. We think that most, perhaps all, of these photos were taken in that period.


The first two show young teacher Sadie Morgan (in glasses) and a girl with a large bouquet amongst a lot of other children. Is it on the playing-field at our school? Many of the boys are wearing caps. It’s obviously a special occasion, so maybe they were asked to wear them.


The third photo shows children who are in a pageant or fancy dress competition in the playground. Again, we're not sure if it is our school, so we ’d love to be told that it is.


The fourth shows a big gathering of children and adults, Sadie prominent in the middle, at what looks like the front lawn of the vicarage at Little Wakering

Photos 5 through 9 are of Barling School or Mission Outings taken locally by the Sea Wall. Teacher Sadie Morgan is the lady with glasses not wearing a hat.